Peer Feedback on Resources
Please post a summary of your selected topic and a list of the five resources you plan to use for your assignment this week. Include why you believe each of the resources is relevant. Provide feedback to your peers on the resources that they plan to use by offering at least one additional source they should consider.

Professor Help on doing the discussion:
Please consider the list of the sources you have identified as a bibliography and not a reference page. Why? Bibliographies are an accumulation of sources you might use in your paper and reference pages list the sources you actually used to write your paper. This will give you some latitude on the sources you use, but more importantly, it will allow you to add sources or eliminate one or more of the sources you found that are included in this discussion.  On that note, make sure the annotations you provide are concisely written and that these annotations contain substantive information.
Professor’s notes
The hierarchical structure of government bureaucracies is staggering. At the federal level, the Executive Branch is responsible for it, and the chain of command is orderly. The President of the USA is the boss, and, in general, the various cabinet members are the chief operating officers for those departments. Each department may have several agencies (the federal government offers over 400 agencies) reporting to the cabinet secretary, and those agencies are headed by (good guess) and agency chief or director. Each agency may have many sub-operations with chiefs and directors, and they may be divided into geographic regions. Each region has a director. The region may be divided into smaller geographic districts with their own directors. Each district may be divided into several divisions representing discreet functions. The divisions will be in smaller chunks called branches, and each branch will have operational groups of employees. Keep in mind all the assistant secretaries, directors, chiefs, and so on. So, just eight layers of command between day-to-day employees and the Big Boss. You should see this on paper!
This week has one written assignment. It is an outline and annotated bibliography of you final project. Please be sure to follow APA guidelines and the sample(s) in the Writing Center.
You may want to look ahead to Week 6 and see where we are going with all of this. I also strongly suggest you look at the final assignment for the course.
Required Text
Rainey, H. G. (2009). Understanding and managing public organizations (4th ed.). San Francisco, CA: John Wiley & Sons. ISBN: 9780470402924 Located in UoR ebrary, use ISBN to search for text. BOOK IS ATTACHED
· Chapter 7 (Formulating and Achieving Purpose)
· Chapter 8 (Organizational structure, design, technology and information technology)
· Chapter 11 (Leadership, managerial roles and organizational culture)
Required References
Recommended References
Cohen, S. (2013). The effective public manager: Achieving success in government organizations (5th ed.). Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons. ISBN: 9781118555934
· Chapter 12 (Surviving and Thriving in public service)

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