Research project

  Intellectual property vs. the Internet. Intellectual property still exists in the age of the Internet and is still protected under the law. However, since it is possible to download or copy and paste almost anything off the Internet intellectual property has been abused more and more often. There have been numerous examples of literary prizes awarded and then rescinded over plagiarism and theft of intellectual property.  Currently China is open and above board about acquiring intellectual property. The government of China will not allow any company, particularly American companies, to conduct business in their country unless the company agrees to give up any intellectual property regarding the products they sell in China. Younger students today don’t think there is anything wrong with copying information off the Internet and presenting it as their own work. I have had discussions with students in which they proposed the idea that since they searched for the information on the Internet and then found it, they could copy it and present it as their own work. The concept of intellectual property seems to be falling by the wayside due to the Internet. Develop a hypothesis as to whether we should continue or even strengthen intellectual property laws, or should we simply abandon intellectual property laws and make anything that is posted on the Internet fair game.  

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Research project
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