Research Paper

7-page written paper (no more than 10). Five scholarly sources besides your text. The entire paper must be properly APA formatted with an APA running header, all references properly formatted, and cited within your writing. 
Minimum components that must be covered
1. Introduction
Introduce your organization, security posture and business model
2. Administrative controls
i.e., Backgrounding employee’s/training employees/any agreements
3. Physical Controls
Physical protection of the facility
4. Technical Controls
i.e., firewall, IDPS, encryption, etc. 
5. Security Policies
What security policies will need to be built into your company’s overall existing security program to ensure that data is safeguarded. 
6. Legislation/Regulations
How do legislation and regulations affect and govern your company. Identify one federal legislative component and one regulation that could impact your company. 
7. Network Security Tools
What tools are instrumental in monitoring, detecting, and alerting your company when an someone is trying to gain unauthorized access to your organizations network. 
8. Conclusion

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