Research Paper Based on Abstract

The research paper should be written based on the Abstract. When submitting, this paper you MUST:

NOT have a similarity score of more than 30% matching other people’s work.
be 16 pages of content from Title Page through References, double spaced written in New Times Roman font type number 12. 
be submitted in MS Word format, NOT PDF format
have a title page,
have an abstract (already received a grade during your residency), 
have a TOC,
have an introduction/topic paragraph
have summary/conclusion, and
have a minimum of 10+ peer-reviewed references at your references page, and as well as cited in your work
formatted in APA 6E.  Remember, your research paper topics, and their abstracts are already approved by your instructor.

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Research Paper Based on Abstract
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Citation Requirement:

Citation Help Tools:

Basic Research Skills: 
Graduate Research Skills: 
Information Systems Top Resources: 
Information Systems Research Guide_2020.pdf  
Academic Integrity and Plagiarism – Citation and Plagiarism – LibGuides at University of the Cumberlands.pdf  
APA – Citation and Plagiarism – LibGuides at University of the Cumberlands.pdf  
APA_6E_Template – 01.docx  


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