Research paper

Please complete a 6 page APA research paper and be sure to follow these instructions:

Choose 1 topic/idea that you would like to study/research in Psychology.
Conduct a literature review or search related to that 1 topic/idea you’ve chosen. Be sure to cite your journal articles or other resources you’ve chosen in the References section of your paper.
Identify 1 theory you have about your topic/idea, and develop the research hypothesis for your idea/study.
Identify all of the ethical standards you will uphold in your research study.
Describe the measures you would potentially utilize to attempt to achieve reliability and validity in your study.

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Research paper
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Your paper should contain the following 6 total pages: 1 title page, 1 abstract page, 1 references page, and 3 pages for the body of the paper (which should include the 5 points/instructions mentioned above). 
The entire paper should be written in APA style or formatting.
The due date Saturday, February 1, on or before 11:59 PM


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