Research Methods Final Discussion

This final Discussion Forum provides the opportunity for you to reflect not only upon the research journey you have taken since early October, but also the chance to give valuable feedback to your professor towards making this course as useful and valuable to students as we can.
As you think back over the past three months, include in your observations the following:

Do you feel this course helped to make you a better researcher for future academic and professional projects? Why or why not?
What was the most useful new skill you learned in this course? Why do you believe it is most useful to you?
What was the most difficult or challenging part of the course? Why was it difficult?
What can the LIB100 crew do to make the course better or more effective/useful for future students?

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Research Methods Final Discussion
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As with all Forums, be sure to post one main topic reply and at least two comment replies for full participation credit. Because the submission deadline for your Semester Project was extended one week, there is no assignment due this week; THEREFORE: Your Week 14 attendance (Present or Absent) will be determined solely on your level of participation in this Discussion Forum.


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