requirements of project management

1. Clearly define the main problem and list all sub problems
2. Make a direct connection between major sub problems and the main problem. Use a Fish Bone diagram.
3. Identify all stakeholders by title and association (i.e. department, outpatient etc.) and connect them to the main problem or a sub problem. Use the stakeholder template and the Problem template.
4. Which Elicitation tools would you use to gather additional information and gain a better understanding of the problem (List two 2). Give specific examples. (for instance if you are using ethnography which stakeholders  will you observe (at least two), and what you are looking for. If you are using an Interview provide the stakeholders (at least two) you will interview and sample questions)
5. Include a Glossary of all specialty terms
6. You do not need to solve the problem or propose solutions 

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requirements of project management
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