Reading Reflection ( DUE tomorrow)

                 Research for Segregation policies/Racial Restrictive

– PART 1 ( No less than 500 words)
Your post should be at least three paragraphs (two paragraphs of description and one paragraph of the historical legacy of your neighborhood).
Write a two-paragraph description of your neighborhood. What does it look like, sound like? You can choose to describe your neighborhood AND your house or apartment. Please use as many adjectives and descriptive details as possible. Think creatively. Help us to “see” your neighborhood. 
Then write at least one additional paragraph that addresses the specific legacy of your neighborhood as it relates to racial segregation. More specifically, what did you find about the history of racial covenants (laws) of your neighborhood?  Interpret how the history of laws and policies may have shaped where you currently live. 

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Reading Reflection ( DUE tomorrow)
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– Part 2 ( No less than 400 words)
Read the article ( in the attachment) and answer the questions:
· How does knowing the long history of the Jewish ghettos affects your present-day understanding of it as a geographical/political space?
· Did this article make you think differently about the history of segregation policies you researched for part 1? How so?
· What did you think of the form of the article? Was it effective?
You can answer one question OR  all three for part 2.


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