Read the stories of Theseus and Perseus. Then pick one of them to

Paper Topic
Read the stories of Theseus and Perseus. Then pick one of
them to write about. Your task is to identify the journey (or journeys)
that your selected hero completed. Don’t retell the whole story of the
journey(s), but describe what you think the hero learned from the
experience(s). Then describe a similar kind of journey that you’ve
completed or that you’re currently on and write about what you’ve learned from
the ‘trek’ (think metaphorically about this part of the task). If you
haven’t been on any journeys similar to any of the journeys of Perseus or
Theseus, describe how you might set up a situation for yourself that would
enable you to undertake such a journey. What would expect or hope to
learn on that journey?

Grading Criteria for this Paper (worth 80
Meets minimum length requirement—10 points
Is submitted in hard copy on or before the due date—10 points
Has a consistent theme and argument(s) throughout—20 points
(that is, we should be able to see that you thought through what
you were going to say before you started writing and weren’t just making it up
as you went along; your final paragraph should be a logical conclusion to the
thoughts you presented in the body of the paper)
Describes cogently what Perseus or Theseus might have learned on
the journey(s) you’ve identified in his story—15 points
Is free of grammatical errors, misspellings, and awkward
sentences—25 points

Nature of the Papers
not research projects
o but any ideas, wording, etc. taken from other
sources must be cited
§ plagiarized papers could result in a failing grade in the class and even
further discplinary action from the University
thought and creative application of aspects of myth
spelling, diction, and style are very important

six-page minimum
length requirement is absolute
o shorter papers will receive very low marks
o cover pages, endnotes, bibliographies do not count
towards the five-page total
o even one sentence on a fifth page makes it a
five-page paper (assuming your margins are not excessive)
papers must by typed
papers will not be accepted (except by prior arrangement)
a 12-point font
margins in excess of 1.25 inches
NO cover page, folder, binder, or plastic cover

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