Read and provide a review of the following article: Maamari, B.

Read and provide a review of the following article:Maamari, B. E., & Messarra, L. C. (2012). An empirical study of the relationship between organizational climate and organizational citizenship behavior. European Journal of Management, 12(3), 165 – 173. Retrieved from 4680, Industrial Organizational Psychology 3Your review should be three to five pages, demonstrate a strong understanding of the material, and have a thoughtful analysis. You are required to follow the APA guidelines. Additionally, your review should: Provide a brief summary of the article. Describe why the topic area is important. Describe the main “variables” in this study? What did the researchers predict would happen? Explain the research methods that the researchers used to investigate. Describe the results. Explain the implications and limitations of the research.Reflect on your own experiences within different organizations (or on the experiences of people with whom you are familiar), and compare the research findings to what you know from personal experience.

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