Rasmussen NUR 2407 Module 3 Quiz/Rasmussen NUR 2407 Module 3 Quiz

1. Which adjustment in pain medication may be needed for an elderly person with elevated liver enzymes due to anticonvulsant therapy?
A higher dose should be used with the same time schedule due to excessive enzyme counts.
The time between doses should be expanded to allow for metabolism in hepatic dysfunction.
The medication should be crushed to facilitate more rapid metabolism
The time between doses should be shortened. Elevated enzyme counts will speed metabolism
1. The nurse reads that the half-life or morphine is roughly 3 hours. How would the nurse use this information to decide if it is safe to give Morphine every 3 hours as needed for pain?
The half-life of Morphine shouldn’t be an issue here. Pain alone should determine the interval.
The half-life for Morphine shortens in states of dependence. It will be needed more often.
The half-life of Morphine shortens over time as the liver becomes familiar with the drug.

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Rasmussen NUR 2407 Module 3 Quiz/Rasmussen NUR 2407 Module 3 Quiz
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