Rank the following solutions from least polar to most polar

Name:College ID:Thomas Edison State CollegeGeneral Chemistry II with Labs (CHE-122)Section no.:Semester and year:LABORATORY REPORTLaboratory Assignment for Module 2: Separation of Chromatography(eScience Lab 10 [22])I. PURPOSE (10 POINTS)The purpose of this experiment is to observe how chromatography canbe used to separate mixtures of chemical substances.II. TEST DATA (25 POINTS)SolventDistance Traveledby Mobile Phase(mm)1. Distilled waterDistance Traveledby Each Analyte(mm)AdditionalObservationsGreen:Blue:Red:1Copyright © 2014 by Thomas Edison State College. All rights reserved.2. 0.5% NaClSolutionGreen:Blue:Red:3. 0.2% NaClSolutionGreen:Blue:Red:4. 70% IsopropylAlcoholGreen:Blue:Red:5. StudentCreation:Green:Blue:Red:6. StudentCreation:Green:Blue:Red:2Copyright © 2014 by Thomas Edison State College. All rights reserved.III. RESULTS (25 POINTS)Solvent1. Distilled waterRf ValueSolventRf ValueGreen:4. 70% IsopropylAlcoholGreen:Blue:Red:2. 0.5% NaClSolutionBlue:Red:Green:5. Student Creation:Green:Blue:Red:3. 0.2% NaClSolutionBlue:Red:Green:6. Student Creation:Green:Blue:Blue:Red:Red:IV. CONCLUSION (10 POINTS)http://pdfbooklibrary.rockfood.net/download/escience-chemistry-lab-answers.pdfhttp://chemistry.bd.psu.edu/jircitano/Chromatography05.pdfhttp://www.slideshare.net/xmari0nettex/paper-chromatography-experimentV. QUESTIONS (30 POINTS)1. Rank the following solutions from least polar to most polar: (a) 50% isopropanol/H2O,(b) 25% isopropanol/H2O, (c) pure water, (d) 70% isopropanol/H2O. (4 points)3Copyright © 2014 by Thomas Edison State College. All rights reserved.2. Identify the analyte, eluting solvents (mobile phases), and stationary phase used inExperiment 1. (4 points)3. Which solvent provided the best separation? (4 points)4. Which solvent provided the second-best separation? Try to identify some similaritiesbetween the two solvents that could account for the success of separation. (5 points)5. Some children have reactions to Yellow 5 or Yellow 6 dye. Yellow 5 is a pale yellowcolor, and yellow 6 is more orange. Use the colors seen on the chromatograms todetermine which M&Ms candies you tested contain Yellow 5.(4 points)6. Chromatography has many applications. Research one application of chromatography and explainhow it is used and what characteristic is used for the separation of the analyte(s). (4 points)7. An analyte has a Rf value of 1. What does that say about the solubility of the analyte in the mobilephase as compared to the stationary phase? (5 points)4Copyright © 2014 by Thomas Edison State College. All rights reserved.

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