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The geopolitical area contains community boundaries, environmental elements, plant life, weather, public transport, wildlife, facilities and homes. The community may be enveloped by mountains or wilderness. Natural disasters and injuries may arise and fluctuate with geographic areas. A geographic information system can be useful for healthcare specialists when identifying geographic or population boundaries. According to Green (2018), Geographic Information System (GIS) “helps to determine where there are disparities, health behaviors, or health deficits in an environment related to the geography of the area.” A phenomenological place is a mental place rather than a geographical place. This place concentrates on history, culture, economics, education, spiritual beliefs, values and common characteristics (GCU, 2018). These ideas establish a perspective in which the participants of the community feel as though they fit in. The community elements are the bases when identifying the community assessment.
According to Green (2018), “Public health nursing focuses on groups, populations, or the health of an entire geographical sector.” Therefore, whole public health utilizes the knowledge to push interventions to enhance stated health disparities. Public health demands are constantly changing and are what make the advancement of programs to enhance public health.
The community assessment involves studying the protection and wellbeing of a community to comprehend the connections among the people, environment, and resources. The nurse uses various methods of assessment of the environment and population before starting programs. The nurse prepares nursing diagnoses for the community created on the results and challenges decided from the community assessment. Public health nursing is motivated by the demands of the population for the prevention of disease and the development of the communities’ health.
The community health nurse must perform a series of actions to identify subjective and objective data and evaluate the information. After understanding the information, the nurse must recognize the demands and create a plan, an intervention and evaluate the data collected.

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