Quantitative Exercise Assignment

This exercise is designed to help you become more familiar with the basics of analyzing and interpreting the results of a survey. I have provided you with a small dataset in an Excel document that consists of 9 variables. Your job is to:

Download the dataset (You can download a printable version of these instructions as well, if you would like).  There is also a video tutorial available
Review the variables that are available in the dataset – shown on the “Variables Description” worksheet
Select at least three variables from the survey
Write at least three hypotheses regarding how these variables are related (e.g., positively correlated, not related, or negative correlated) as well as describing your reason for predicting these hypotheses. Here is an example of how to write a hypothesis:

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Quantitative Exercise Assignment
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Hypothesis 1: Job satisfaction will be positively correlated to pay satisfaction

Calculate the descriptive statistics for each scale you have included in your hypotheses in the space provided below the responses on the “Data” worksheet (starting on row 306). Here is the syntax for each statistic:

=MIN( )
=MAX( )

Calculate whether each variable you have included in your hypotheses is correlated in the space provided below the descriptives on the “Data’ Worksheet (starting on row 313). Again, here is the syntax:


Check to see if the correlation is statistically significant using the chart I provide on the “Table of Critical Values” worksheet. Please look up significance at a .05 level and note that the column on the left refers to the number of responses you have in the survey.
Write up a summary (between 600 to 800 words long) of what you have done, including:

Written hypothesis that clearly states which two variables you are predicting in each hypothesis and the type of relationship you expect (e.g., positively correlated, not related, or negative correlated)
A written argument for why you predicted each hypothesis.
A written summary of

Descriptive statistics
Correlations (including whether the findings are statistically significant
Note whether each of your hypotheses were supported or not
In each case, you are taking the numbers you calculated and writing them out for others to understanding. Provide enough detail that a person not familiar with these concepts will understand.

Submit both the write-up and the Excel sheet showing your work via Canvas.

Please note that you are not being graded on whether you find significant correlations or if your hypotheses are supported. Instead, I will look at whether you provide a good argument to support the hypotheses you predicted as well as making sure you have conducted and written up the analysis described above.


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