quality management

Select a company of your choice and explain and support your explanation of how successful it is in satisfying its stakeholders. Then explain that degree of success from a QM perspective, what they should change/keep the same to either improve their degree of success or maintain the current high level of success. Utilize the causal diagram discussed in class (five elements of quality across the three levels of a firm, three legs of QM, correct product, stakeholder satisfaction) to support your claims. Be sure to use information from your sources to support your claims of degree of success and the causation (constructs of causal model) of that level of success. Use a company other than your case company or the companies used in HW1 and 2. Please include the URLs used and cite them in your paper so I can go read the same material. 
Suggestions: Select a large company that will have lots of information about it on the web, its own web site and comments from other web sites. However, you can use a company you are familiar with. Do not use the companies utilized in the homeworks. 
Select a company that you are interested in; have fun with it. 
There are lots of reasons that a company can be successful or not. Use the 80/20 rule when deciding what to talk about. In other words, choose several things that they are doing well/or not that explains most of their degree of success. Just be sure that you can follow and display the flow through the causal chain of how a specific action impacts success. Please limit this paper to 2 to 3 single spaced pages.
Remember, support your statements with information you find, and theory/concepts from QM. 

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