PSY – Technological Trends in Behavioral Health and Understanding Behavioral Health Services

Trends in Behavioral Health
Technological advancements in the healthcare industry are
usually associated with improvements in diagnostic machines such as magnetic
resonance imaging (MRI) or computed tomography (CT) scans. However, in behavioral
health, one of the more important technological advancements is in the
documentation and reporting systems used in the treatment of patients diagnosed
with chronic mental illness. Other information technology advancements such as
the use of the Internet have also had a significant impact on behavioral health
services. Read the following article from the EBSCO host database:

Ahr, P. (2005, January). Community
mental health principles: A 40-year
case study. Behavioral Health
Management, 25(1), 15–17.

There are several topics mentioned in this article that have
had or may have an impact on behavioral health services.
Choose an issue mentioned in this article and research at
least two other articles (not more than two years old) that discuss these
issues as they pertain to behavioral health services. Use the following
questions as a guide when developing your essay on the issue:

Explain in detail the issue as it
pertains to healthcare in general and behavioral health services in
What was the impact on behavioral
health services?
What are some of the financial,
privacy, or ethical issues that you perceived from this issue?***********************************************************
Behavioral Health Services
The key to
understanding behavioral health services is understanding the requirements of
the individuals served. The types of services provided are primarily based on
the diagnosis given. Although the diagnostic procedure is complex, it is based
on a uniform classification system published in the DSM-IV-TR® Diagnostic
and statistical manual of mental disorders: Text revision. (4th ed.).
(1994). Arlington, VA: American Psychiatric Association.
Search the
Internet using key words “BehaveNet® Clinical Capsule™: DSM-IV-TR
Classification.” Using the information provided on the Web page, research and
read about any disorder of your choice.
Also, search
the Internet to find articles discussing the current issues regarding this
Based on the
information you collected from the Internet and using your text and course readings,
summarize your findings. Your findings should include the following pointers:

describe the disorder, primary symptoms, and recommended
psychopharmacological treatment if any.
has this particular disorder been affected by the changes in behavioral
health services over the past few decades? Provide a rationale for your
the current developments in the behavioral healthcare industry brought in
any change in the treatment or type of services provided for this
disorder? If yes, how? If no, why? What more can be done to improve the
facilities provided to individuals suffering from this disorder?

Justify your
answers with appropriate research and reasoning.
Perceptions of
Mental IllnessPart of the
challenge faced by the behavioral healthcare industry is due to the general
perception of mental illness. Over the last few decades, some of the stigma
associated with mental illness has changed while some still persist.Respond to the
following questions:
are your perceptions of mental illness and behavioral health services?
on what you have learned from your course readings and research articles
for this week, do you think your perception has changed? How?

Justify your
answers with appropriate research and reasoning.

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