Proposal paper for your Entrepreneurial Marketing Idea for a Food Truck.

Write a proposal paper for your Entrepreneurial Marketing Idea for a Food Truck.
Ice cream truck with cashless transactions 
ENTR550 – Entrepreneurial Marketing
Week 1 Course Project Assignment
Entrepreneurial Marketing Idea
After the formation and idea generation process is done, complete and submit your Entrepreneurial Marketing Idea assignment
according to these guidelines.
 This document should be three to five pages. 
 Use the APA style of writing, including appropriate references. 
 Be sure to complete all sections.
 The Grading Rubric for this week’s assignment is available in the Course Project page, located under Introduction & 
Section 1
Marketing Idea/Idea 
 Idea description- describe in detail the proposed idea and the why behind what you are 
 Besides (hopefully) making a great deal of money from this idea, what do you hope to 
really accomplish? Why is it important?
Section 2
Marketing Situation
 Conduct an environmental scan of the current marketing conditions, covering key trends 
such as Social, Economic, Technological , Competitive, and Regulatory. Include both 
primary and secondary observations where appropriate. 
 Consider all aspects of the potential positives and negatives of the current conditions. 
 Describe the current marketing situation. 
 Given the limited amount of research completed at this point in the project, what impact 
will your idea have on the rest of the market? Why?
Section 3
Management Team
 Describe in detail the management team that would be considered the winning team for 
bringing this entrepreneurial marketing idea to fruition. 
 What should the management team look like? Why? What leadership attributes should 
they have? Why?
 Outline key positions that will need to be filled, responsibilities and ideal skill sets.
Section 4
 Provide appropriate references for all outside sourced information included in this 
 Use APA style for both the in-text citations as well as the corresponding references 
 Remember, with limited exceptions, every in-text citation must have a corresponding 
entry in this references section. 
 See the appropriate section in Student Resources within this course for additional 
information related to the APA style of writing (Writing Resources: APA). 
 Although there isn’t an expected minimum number of in-text citations or references 
entries required for this assignment, a good benchmark to consider is at least two 
citations. One of the citations may be the course textbook, if appropriate

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