Final Project: Building an HRIS
Purpose: The purpose of this exercise is to give you practice in creating a human resource management system (HRIS).

How to Set up the Exercise/Instructions:
Assume that the owners of a small business come to you with the following problem. They have a company with less than 40 employees. They have been taking care of all HR paperwork informally, mostly on slips of paper and with memos. They want you to supply them with a human resource management information system – how computerized it is will be up to you, but they can only afford a budget of $5,000 upfront (not counting your consulting), and then about $500 per year for maintenance. You know from your HR training that there are various sources of paper-based and online systems. Write a two-page proposal telling them exactly what your team would suggest, based on its accumulated existing knowledge, and from online research.

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– Cover page
– Introduction
            – Mention the topic
             – Objective of the paper
             – Importance of the topic
– Main Body
             – Content to be covered from the outline defined by you. This excludes cover page, introduction, conclusions, and references)
– Conclusions (Conclusions are not content repetition).
– References (At least 5 references from scientific journals. You can find scientific full paper/articles from MDC Library/databases in journals related to Human Resources, management, organizational behavior, psychology, and organizations, etc.)


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