Project Procurement Management Research Paper- Title will be based on procurement research in project management

Project Procurement Process PaperBased on either your personal project experience or your research, select a project. In 5-7-page research paper:• Describe your project, • Apply the PMBOK’s 3 processes of project procurement to your project, and ( a few PMBOK 😮 Plan procurement management (input, tool and techniques and output)o Conduct procurement management (input, tool and techniques and output)o Control Procurement management (input, tool and techniques and output)• Analyze the positive and negative aspects of project procurement as applied to your project.Remember, this is a research project so outside research via the UMUC Library or other scholarly sources (i.e., not PMP review materials) is required. See the Grading Rubric.Note: Use of either the Springfield Interchange or Chunnel projects is not permitted for research paperGrading rubric: attached as separate documentSample APA style research paper template : Attached as separate document Paper .Additional files will be uploaded in order section. Please let me know in advance if you are not able to write this paper within 24 hours. Please send me updates every 2 days and please use scholarly article or references at least minimum from 2010 or sooner. Books can be utilized as well.

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