project management unit VII final project plan

Unit VII Project
Final Project Plan
The project I am using is going on a cruise with my girlfriend. We have to get  U. S. passports and pick a cruise.  We need to decide how long, when, where to some where tropical, arrange transportation to port we are leaving from and compare prices and options. 
In the application of the concepts learned in this course, you will compile a comprehensive project plan for a project of your
choosing. This can be a personal project (such as a home remodeling project), a civic project (such as a fundraiser for the
PTA or a church group), or a workplace project (real or hypothetical). The development of this project plan will be completed
during this unit (Unit VII), and you will present your findings in a PowerPoint presentation in the final unit of this course (Unit
During this unit, you will complete all written sections of your project. This is a comprehensive project, and you will need to
use information from several chapters of the textbook in order to complete it.
The completed project plan should contain the sections listed below.
1. Title page
2. Project Overview
3. Project Mission Statement and Scope Statement
4. Project Schedule and Control
5. Project Management Structure and Budget
6. Work Breakdown Structure
7. Risk Management Process
8. Project Communication
9. Project Closure
10. References page
As you are compiling the project plan, address the components listed below.
Within the parameters of the project schedule, discuss the resource allocations and monitoring processes. Within the parameters of the project schedule, identify project evaluation and control processes. Within the Project Management Structure and Budget section, explain the management structure, and compile an
estimated budget.
Your final project plan should be a minimum of eight pages in length and follow APA style. References should include a
minimum of three credible sources in addition to the textbook (for a minimum of four sources). All sources used must be
referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations in APA style. Use the provided headings.

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