Principle of tourism

In the Module lessons, we explored history of tourism and transportation. The introduction of these two topics together was purposeful – we noted that transportation shaped the growth and development of tourism throughout history, and this relationship persists to present day. 
In this task, your job is to:
1. Investigate trends in transportation to share with peers. Sample topics include: space travel, hyperloop travel, driverless cars, or other innovations. Choose something of interest to you. 
2. Craft a discussion post: 
– Choose a catchy title that reflects your discussion post
– Describe the transportation innovation
– Include a video link or article link in your post, or any other creative expression (remember to cite!)
– Think about these questions: what impact might that mode of transportation have on the future of tourism? 
– Be sure to include citations for all materials and ideas used in your post
3. Be sure to comment on each others’ posts, preferably contributing to extending the discussion. 
A rubric is provided with the forum that will be used to guide grading
Be sure to read other students’ posts 
Select at least one other students’ article to read, then comment on and build on their post
Course material:

Canadian Train Travel:
 American Bus Association, 90th Anniversary:
A Tour of a Tour Bus, Rick Steves Tour (please note this is an additional video than what is presented in the recorded lesson):
Airline Terminology Handout:  Airline Terminology.pdf Airline Terminology.pdf – Alternative Formats

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Principle of tourism
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