Preventing Obesity Due to Over Intake of Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Among Adolescents, Middle Schools in West Virginia, USA

Discussion (Suggested 3 pages—4 points total)This section should include both Limitations and a Conclusions section.• For the limitations portion, consider strengths of your theory and justify your choice.Alternatively, consider whether another theory, or an additional theory, might haveimproved your intervention and discuss how it/they would have been used. At least oneadditional theory should be discussed here. (2 points)• Bring to light overall limitations of your intervention/program in addressing the health issuein this population. (1 point)• For the conclusion, end on a positive and persuasive note with the anticipated policy and/orprogram implications resulting from your program, despite its limitations. (1 point)[Other (3 points total)]Consistent formatting/proofreading (1 point), correct and consistent use of citations (1 point), andoverall comprehensiveness and clarity of paper (1 pointYou should follow Discussion (4 points)Strengths/weaknesses/gaps of chosen theory; discussion of otherapplicable theories2 pointsOverall program limitations 1 pointAnticipated policy and program implications, concluding paragraph 1 pointPaper Clarity & Formatting (3 points)Correct grammar, professional formatting, and proofreading of paper 1 pointPaper is complete, clear, comprehensive, and followsinstructions/includes all sections noted in syllabus1 pointPaper is appropriately cited and referenced; APA or AMA format is usedcorrectly and consistently throughout paper1

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