Deadline: 11/3/2021 4:00 pm PST
Please provide 5 slides with speech notes.

In 2020, we experienced the start of a global pandemic, which was stressful to billions of people in the world.  Many lost their jobs and others were impacted emotionally and/or physically.
You must read the required PowerPoint slides. With this situation in mind and others like Covid pandemic, address the following questions in your presentation use the details in the PowerPoint:

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For your introduction, define “stress” in terms of its physical and mental impact.
What happens to an individual’s way of perceiving their situations and making decisions when their levels of stress significantly increase?
How does it affect the way a leader makes decisions? Does it change the way they interact with their teams?
In what ways do you believe stress affects the quality and quantity of their work?
As a leader what would you do to shield the employees from high levels of stress that may affect their overall performance and thus the profitability of the company?


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