PPT presentation

The last assignment for you to submit is the presentation. You are to create this presentation in PowerPoint. Please note the following:

Your presentation must have a cover slide
Your presentation must have an introduction including a short outline of what is to follow (Headings)
Your slides cannot have sentences on them! No exceptions!
You must decide what is relevant from your written assignment and needs to be included in your presentation.
You will record your narrative directly within PowerPoint. Voice only! Make sure your narrative is aligned with the slide content.
Your presentation cannot be longer than 5 minutes, but should not be shorter than 3 minutes.

Your presentation will be graded on:
Organization (40 points): you chose the appropriate content based on your paper; the presentation is within the 5 minute limit. The slides/content is logically arranged.
Content (40) points): Introduction is attention getting; overview of what is to follow is given; information is accurate; appropriate amount of material is prepared; points made reflect their relative importance.
Presentation (20): Speaker (recording) is natural and not reading from script/notes. Speaker uses clear and audible voice; delivery is poised, well-rehearsed, and the speaker knows what he/she is talking about. Good language skills and pronunciation are used (if you do not know how to pronounce a word, either do not use it, or look it up on Google). Visual aids are well prepared, informative, effective, and not distracting.

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