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Create a 2-3-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® Presentation that includes the following: (speaker notes)
Explain possible obstacles in setting and maintaining these boundaries.

John is a 40-year-old counseling employee at the Coryell Correctional Facility. Last year, he was visitng with a client at the facility when the client became angry with John. John attempted to handle to situation calmly and without force. The client was able to get close enough to John to attack him with a knife made from a sharpened end of a toothbrush. John had to go to the emergency room and spent 3 days in the hospital. John was traumatized by how quickly the client got to him, how fast he was attacked, and how unsafe he now feels working in the prison. John recognizes that many clients are unpredictable in this setting. He returns to work because his family needs the financial support. A current client of his is constantly making jabbing motions at him because he knows it triggers John. He intimidates John, so John is struggling to choose between befriending the client through favors or simply doing his job, even though it’s difficult to face his fear.

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