Power Point Presentation


PowerPoint Presentation, 50 points
: You will need to create a PowerPoint presentation on your assigned
presidential election between 
5 and 10 slides long
, plus an additional slide for your 
works cited
. Should you
choose to do your presentation on an election other than the one assigned to you, you will receive a deduction
of 10 points from your presentation grade. You must research your assigned election to tell us:
Who were the major presidential candidates running that year? What party did each represent?
What did each presidential candidate promise to do if they were elected? (i.e. What were the major points
in their platforms?)
What was the popular vote that year? What was the electoral college vote?
Who won the election? Why?
Your presentation will be graded for completeness and accuracy in answering the above questions,
as well as how the information is presented. Please make sure your color scheme is easy to read, that
your key points stand out, and that you keep your audience (your fellow students) engaged. 
. About a week
before your presentations are due, you will see a discussion board appear under the “Discussions” tab in
Canvas (once you’re logged into our class, look to the left side of the screen to find it). You may post your
presentations to this discussion board as an attachment when the discussion board opens for you. Late
presentations will not be accepted.

Works Cited, 10 points
: On the last slide of your PowerPoint presentation, you need to list the sources that you
used – the format does not matter (MLA, Chicago, etc.), as long as I can find them. You must use 
at least 2
scholarly, peer-reviewed sources 
(each worth 5 points for a total of 10 points), and your sources must be
scholarly, peer-reviewed sources, meaning 
books and journal articles
from the library. You can find library
resources under the Library tab of your CougarWeb or under the Library Resources link in the “Start Here”
section at the top of our class home page in Canvas. You’re welcome to use other sources in addition to your
two peer-reviewed sources. Just list them on your works cited.
As a general rule of thumb, Wikipedia, newspapers, and magazines are NOT scholarly sources. Please keep in
mind that the library does archive magazines and newspapers in their databases, and those will not count as
scholarly sources – they are still magazines and newspapers. Most websites that end in .gov, .edu, or .org are
NOT scholarly sources, and they may not be counted as such. If you’re unsure about your sources, you can
always ask the librarians or myself. We’re happy to help! Your textbook may not count toward your two required
sources, though you are free to use it as much as you like (if you do use it, please list it on your works cited).

s, 10 points
: The remaining 10 points will come from comments you post regarding other students’
presentations from 
Tuesday, December 3
at 10:00 AM to Tuesday, December 10
at 10:00 AM central
standard time
. You must look at 10 other presentations and post questions or comments for the students.
Each presentation you comment on is worth 1 point for a maximum of 10 points, but please feel free to review
all of the presentations. Please make your comments constructive and helpful for other students. Your
comments may concern the information presented or how the information is presented; for example, color
schemes or animations, anything you enjoyed about their presentation or think could be improved. Please be
courteous and mindful of your comments. Comments that do not follow the rules of netiquette will not be given
points and may be reported to the Dean of Student

 Presidential Election :1800

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