power point of specific culture

The purpose of the project is for you to better understand the food habits, choices, and behaviors of a Hinduism culture. Hinduism/Hindu research the culture, and present your findings to the class in a PowerPoint format. The cultural group will be defined in that they share a common food or diet. 

– A minimum of five references must be used and cited. 

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power point of specific culture
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Presentations must address the following:  Hinduism/Hindu culture
· What is the culture/everyday life like? 
· What is the geographic region and language? 
· What is the major religion? 
· What foods does the group eat? 
· What herbs or spices are commonly found in this culture’s foods? 
· What are the most popular dishes? 
· Who usually prepares the meals? 
· What special cooking techniques are used? 
· From where are the ingredients obtained? 
· How much do groceries cost? 
· What outside influences are evident on food intake? 
· What are the healthiest foods represented in this culture? Why? 
· What are the symbolic meanings of the food? 
· What health problems does this culture commonly experience? Why? 
· What is the average life span of this culture? Why? 


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