Poem : Frost, “Mending Wall” or Frost, “The road not taken”

Imagery in Poetry
By the due date assigned, post your response of at least 150-200 words to the Discussion Area. To support your comments, your discussion answers should include specific information and quotations from the readings. 
Choose a poem from the assigned readings, which are listed in the Syllabus and found in our course eBook. Title your discussion response with the poem’s title. This will help other students see which poems have already been discussed. Once a poem has been discussed twice, please do not choose it for analysis.
Post a response of at least 150-200 words, focusing on the elements below.

Identify the key images in the poem, which you believe are vital to understanding it.
Provide a detailed discussion of how those images function in the poem. 
Do the images work together to form a coherent pattern? 
What ideas or feelings are conveyed by the images? 
How do the images contribute to the overall meaning of the poem? 

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Poem : Frost, “Mending Wall” or Frost, “The road not taken”
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Remember to provide evidence for your claims in the form of quoted passages from the poem. Quotations, paraphrases, and summaries should be cited according to APA rules of style, including in-text and reference citations. Quoted material should not exceed 25% of the document.
Use the APA Citation Helper resource for properly citing resources.
Post directly to the discussion; do not attach a document. Make sure you check spelling and grammar, and use APA style for citations.


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