Please review the following real-world Hewlett Packard Statement of Cash

Question 3. 3. (TCO C) Please review the following real-world Hewlett Packard Statement of Cashflows and address the two questions below:Cash flow from operatingactivitiesIn millionsFor the year ended 2012Net (loss) earningsIn millionsFor the year ended 2011$(12,650)$7,074Depreciation and amortization5,0954,984Impairment of goodwill andpurchased intangible assets18,035885Stock-based compensationexpense635685Provision for doubtful accounts14281Provision for inventory277217Restructuring charges2,266645Deferred taxes on earnings(711)166Excess tax benefit from stockbased competition(12)(163)Other, net265(46)1,269(227)890(1,252)Accounts payable(1,414)275Taxes on earnings(320)610Restructuring(840)(1,002)(2,356)(293)10,57112,639(3,706)(4,539)617999Accounts and financingreceivablesInventoryOther assets and liabilitiesNet cash provided byoperating activitiesCash flows from investingactivities:Investment in property, plant, andequipmentProceeds from sale of property,plant, and equipmentPurchases of available-for-salesecurities and other investments(972)(96)Maturities and sales of availablefor-sale securities and otherinvestment66268Payments in connection withbusiness acquisitions, net of cashacquired(141)(10,480)8789(3,453)(13,959)(2,775)(1,270)Issuance of debt5,15411,942Payment of debt(4,333)(2,336)716896Repurchase of common stock(1,619)(10,117)Excess tax benefit from stockbased compensation12163(1,015)(844)(3,860)(1,566)Increase (decrease) in cash andcash equivalents3,258(2,886)Cash and cash equivalents atbeginning of period8,04310,929Cash and cash equivalents atend of period$11,301$8,043Proceeds from businessdivestiture, netNet cash used in investingactivitiesCash flow from financingactivities:(Payments) issuance ofcommercial paper and notespayable, netIssuance of common stock underemployee stock plansCash dividends paidNet cash used in financingactivitiesRequired:1) Please calculate the percentage increase or decrease in cash for the total line ofthe operating, investing, and financing sections bolded above and explain themajor reasons for the increase or decrease for each of these sections.2) Please calculate the free cash flow for 2012 and explain the meaning of this ratio.3. Below is a partial list of account balances for LBJ Company:Cash$12,000Prepaid insurance1,300Accounts receivable 7,000Accounts payable 5,000Notes payable 9,000Common stock 22,000Dividends 2,000Revenues 45,000Expenses 35,000What did LBJ Company show as total debits? (Points : 5)a ­$57,300 b­$81,000 c ­$55,300 d­ $56,000

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