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Please read the instructions this is not only a word document…..

                                   Sample Digital Portfolios: (for inspiration!)

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Internet Marketing Bachelor of Science:

Sports Marketing & Media Bachelor of Science:

Entertainment / Music Business Bachelor of Science:

Advanced in WordPress CMS?
For those who would like to advance your skills of WordPress, here is an optional, but valuable, resource for you: WPMUDEV blog

For this assignment, you will need to log into your digital portfolio through the WordPress Administration portal. Once you have logged into your site, you will need to populate all five (5) of the pages you created earlier with content that is relevant to the page. So far, in this course alone, you have created:

– A keynote presentation showcasing your online brand monitoring system,a
-A personal brand statement, branded bio, and professional headshot, and
-A personal brand video with the purpose of increasing awareness with a specific call to action.

All of these content pieces MUST be included on the appropriate pages throughout your portfolio. For instance, your branded bio and professional headshot need to be on your About page.

Once you have included all of the content pieces above, continue populating the remaining pages with content relevant to the page.

These five pages should include:

Home – this page was created by default and should showcase your blog posts. Please be sure to eliminate the “Hello World” sample post and create a blog post of your own that displays your thought leadership. In future portfolio classes, you may want to change this page to a “static page” so that you can introduce your services and skill sets to the visitor. You could include things like your personal brand statement, industry, desired position(s), UVP, featured work, passion, competitive advantage, etc. But for the sake of this assignment, DO NOT change this to a static page.

About – this page gives you the opportunity to tell the visitor who you are and why you do what you do. You should include your personal brand statement, branded bio, and professional headshot here.

Resume- this page should consist of the most relevant work and educational experience you have achieved to date.

Portfolio – this page allows you to upload all your class projects for visitors to review. You should include at least the brand monitoring system keynote presentation and the personal brand video on this page. Please feel free to include other work examples you are most proud of on this page. Consider sites like,, and to host your content. WordPress is very compatible with those sites as it allows for easy embedding of multimedia content pieces.

*Blog – for now, you can leave this page blank. In future portfolio classes, you will switch your blog to show up here instead of the front page of your site.

Contact – this page should consist of your pertinent contact information. Please note: this will be seen by your peers and the public so please ONLY share what you are most comfortable sharing. You need to include at least one channel through which to contact you.

As you populate your pages, consider these common content pieces incorporated in digital portfolios:

-Profile or Letter of Introduction
-Letters of Recommendation
-Special Training (Military, Business, Music, etc.)
-Performance Reports/Appraisals
-Workshops and Conferences Attended
-Work Samples from Internships, and Projects you’ve completed
-Volunteer Activities
-Course Descriptions
-Participation in Team Sports
-Awards and Honors
-Table of Contents
-Thank You Letters

Examples of Skills: Communication, Technical, Creative, Leadership, Research, Teamwork, Social Responsibility, Public Speaking, Computer, Marketing, Advertising, Musical, Entertainment, and Business.

One final note…Spelling, grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure will be graded with emphasis on this assignment. Please be sure that you are presenting yourself in the best possible light, even if you are not publicly promoting your portfolio to employers at this time.

On your Work Examples page, to ensure that you work is viewed appropriately, you should include the following statement for each one of your examples:

“This example is from the ____ assignment in the ____ course, taken in [MONTH, YEAR], for my ____ degree program at University.

“Example: “This keynote presentation is from the Online Brand Monitoring assignment in the Personal Branding course (January 2017), as part of my Music Business degree program at University.”

For this assignment, upload a Word document to the platform that contains a link to your updated portfolio and screenshots of each page on your site.

My wordpress user and password
Password: Ocala352


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