Pick an empire/kingdom from each group below and devel

Pick an empire/kingdom from each group below and develop an essay address each of the following components:1. Compare and contrast the development/creation of the empires/kingdoms.2. Compare and contrast the political, social, economic, cultural and military similarities and differences of the empires.3. Compare and contrast the decline/fall of the empires/kingdoms.4. Explain which of the empires/kingdoms you choose had the greatest influence on our society today. Make sure to provide examples.5. Explain which of the empire/kingdom you choose was the most civilized. Provide examples supporting your choice.Group 1:Babylonian Empire, Greek Empire, Roman Empire, Egyptian Empire, Harappa Empire, Shang Dynasty, Kush Kingdom, Mayan EmpireGroup 2: Germanic Kingdoms, Byzantine Empire, Persian Empire, Tang Dynasty, Islamic Empire, Muaryan Empire, Ghanaian KingdomGroup 3:Holy Roman Empire, Anglo-Saxon Empire, Kingdom of the Franks, Mongolian Empire, Ottoman Empire, Russian Empire, Gupta EmpireThis paper can be 3 pager (1000 word) and APA format is required

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