PetSmart and Petco are two retail chains that dominate

Case study: The Battle to be Top Dog – PetSmart vs. Petco3 pages. Double space. font size 12. Please include in-text citations and a reference page.Note: this is a turn-it-in assignment so please do not use too much direct quotations.CASE ABSTRACTPetSmart and Petco are two retail chains that dominate the $41 billion animal care industry.PetSmart is the larger of the two with 908 stores versus 850 for Petco.PetSmart also has $4.5 billion in revenues in comparison to $2.2 billion for Petco.While PetSmart’s prices are 11 percent lower on an average than Petco’s, it stresses the services offered in its stores to boost revenues and profitability.Petco’s strategy is to have smaller stores with more space for merchandise. Both companies compete in the industry using a different strategic approach.Case link: QUESTIONS:1. What is PetSmart’s strategy?2. How does Petco compete with PetSmart and other pet food stores?3. How did PetSmart react to the tainted pet food recall?4. Why is Petco slow to embrace the services strategy?

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