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LEG 500 ASSIGNMENTS  2: Nondisclosure and Copyright Assignment Worksheet and Agreements Instructions For your second assignment, you will be completing a Nondisclosure and Copyright Assignment Worksheet and the associated Agreements. These agreements could be for a business you own or work at, or one you hope to create. To begin, you’ll complete the Non-disclosure and Copyright Assignment Worksheet sections. The objective of the Non-disclosure portion of the worksheet is to begin to plan for how to protect your business in regard to the individuals that will have access to your business’ proprietary information as a result of working for (or with) you. Use the first part of the planning worksheet to make that determination and to brainstorm about the information that should be protected. You’ll list your business name, the data and secrets that you want to protect, and identify who you should have sign the NDA (employees, clients, potential clients, vendors or anyone else). You will also need to identify whether the contract will be unilateral or mutual, the relationship between the two parties and the governing law (which state). You will next need to complete the Nondisclosure Agreement following the worksheet portion of the document. You will add the information from the Non-Disclosure portion of the worksheet to the Non-Disclosure agreement for one of the people/parties listed (by filling in the yellow highlighted areas). As an entrepreneur, you’ll also likely be involved in completing and signing Copyright Assignment Agreements both as the Assignor and as the Assignee. You’ll use the second, or Copyright Assignment portion of the worksheet to determine who you might enter into a Copyright arrangement with and the copyrights involved. After filling in the second section of the worksheet, you’ll complete the Copyright Assignment Agreement, again following the worksheet portion of this template by filling out the yellow highlighted areas. You will submit your completed Assignment 2 Nondisclosure and Copyright Assignment Worksheet/Agreements by Sunday midnight of Week 7. They should be uploaded to Blackboard. Please reach out to your professor with any questions. Good luck.

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