Pediatric History Paper

This paper is pretty simple. I have written directions from the professor below and attaching a rubric, as well as 2 guides that can be used as info for the “milestones” portion of paper (doesn’t need to be cited). But most helpful is the SAMPLE paper that the professor has provided. It can literally be in that same format as long as the information is different and not copied. The major difference from the Sample and this paper is using unique information or “making up” a pediatric patient’s medical history. Any issue can be written there are no preferred diseases or conditions. Directions from the professor: Students should select a family member, friend, or colleague that will submit to a detailed interview. Do NOT select an actual patient for this assignment. This assignment does NOT involve a physical examination. If there are parts of the history that your interviewee is not willing to share, document that but in parentheses let the reader know what types of questions you would have asked in that section of the history.This paper needs to be typed, double-spaced, or double spaced between elements as shown in the sample papers. Bold and underlining may be used to designate new systems or subject areas that you will be covering. Adhere to the age requirements noted, those that do not adhere to the age requirements up to 50% of points may be deducted.Be as thorough as possible. For example the HPI, Past History, Functional Assessment and Review of Systems (including patient’s Health Promotion activities) must be very detailed to receive full credit value. Use the Sample Paper on Blackboard as a guide.See the Student Lab Manual for Summary of Infant, Toddler, and Preschooler Growth and Development information.********IMPORTANT INFORMATION RELATED TO PATIENT PRIVACY********Avoid the use of any identifying information (names, addresses, phone numbers, or birthdates). Instead, use the notation that includes only the age, race and gender of the interviewee (e.g. an 18 month old Caucasian female). Do NOT use the names of healthcare providers or hospitals where care was received. See the Sample Pediatric History paper for how to indicate healthcare providers and hospitals. Up to 50% of points may be deducted for violations of patient privacy.

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Pediatric History Paper
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