Peace between Major Religions

Good morning everyone, It has been known that all religions have their differences and this can often lead to some conflict. However, throughout my speech three religion’s views on peace will be Investigated and then eventually a solution will be found to living peacefully together. Christians, Buddhists and Muslims all have different ways to achieving peace both internally and externally and it is interesting to see many of the similarities and compare them. However, we have already reached our first differentiation between the religions; their view on what peace is and the source of it.
Peace Is a fundamental aspect of all the religions and fleetly Christians would not be able to follow the 10 Commandments if peace was not portrayed through their actions. To love your neighbor as you love yourself requires you to love everyone and through respect and dignity this can be done. The source of peace in Christianity is Jesus himself as he bought peace to the world as he walked It. Jesus Is the peacemaker. Buddhism refers to peace as enlightenment, and the Buddha (a human prince) is the first man to reach enlightenment.
Because Buddhism is about this occurrence it is often referred to as the religion of peace. Buddhists believe the source of peace is within everyone and that the Buddha teachings and ways will help everyone find the way to enlightenment. These two faiths could easily live In peace with each other but Muslims believe that to turn a house of war to a house of peace requires Muslims to kill all the non-believers. Personally I believe that this is most pathetic and UN-peaceful or violent way to peace ever.

The Muslims seek their peace seeking information from their source of peace, the Quern. As portrayed these already differentiate and bring up multiple problems that could cause conflict. It will soon become very evident that these religions all contradict themselves. All of the religions have their Internal peace organizations and all of these organizations explore interrelations with other people outside of their religions. Some of the Christian organizations are SPEAK, Network of Christian Peace, Christian Peacemaker Teams UK and all the Christian churches.
Islamic peace organizations include Muslims for Peace, MUNCH and Islamic Peace. I however find a problem with this, which will be explained soon. The Buddhist peace groups include Soak Kaki and Buddhist Peace Group, these 2 organizations are trying to achieve peace not only internally but pass it on to other and share their peaceful thoughts. However if in Islamic countries they seek peace why do they around punishing people and killing them, this appears to be a very urn-peaceful method.
For example when I was In Dublin an Islamic country one I got kicked out of the shops because my clothes were too revealing, the police said to me, “get out of here or I will cut off your hand. ” I feel hat the Muslim peace organizations really need to spread quickly because I thought that the police was Just Joking, but no I saw 2 women without their hands. It Is UN- peaceful and doesn’t show eternal love and care. Maybe these associations are seeking peace and respecting other people and their beliefs, but their religions as a I OFF All of the religions have their specific ways that they achieve peace or become peaceful within.
Firstly Christian’s have many ways to achieve peace but these have been paraphrased into a 6 step process: 1) Read the New Testament and the gospels re the best place to start 2) Pray to God, God will help you reach emotional and physical peace 3) Control yourself from doing things you will regret, make sure to think a bout your actions first. 4) Control your anger – sometimes some meditation or quiet time can help with releasing anger, pains and irritations 5) Do not respond to insults 6) Try to make the people who surround you peaceful as well.
I believe this is quite an effective and reasonable way to achieve peace within and around you. The Buddhist methods of achieving peace are relatively the same like controlling your anger. However the Buddhist community thrives on meditation and the Buddha taught that through meditation and chant peace will be found internally. Islamic steps to peace were hard to understand at first however after thinking about the method I believe it could be quite effective. They believe that if you come to peace with yourself the world around you will be at peace with you.
Therefore they also do some sort of meditation and imagine peaceful non-chaotic places where they are free. Also another interesting suggestion was to pick up a paintbrush and some paint and paint peace. This could be stimulating and personal and therefore be very successful for individuals. In the history of all the religions there appears to be evidence of stories or parables that suggest peaceful actions within the religion. In Christianity I believe that the most peaceful parable is the story of The Good Samaritan.
In this parable an ordinary Christian man is shown to help when others like the priest and a wealthy workingman don’t. It shows genuine care for everyone and a form of peaceful treaty between Christianity and humanity. The parable of the Good Muslim is a parable that caches us that Allah is in ways the bringer of peace, “In the name of Allah [1], the All- Merciful, the Ever-Merciful. All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the worlds. All Prayers and Peace of Allah be upon the Prophet saws [2]. The last contrasting religion is the Buddhists who have quite a fascinating parable, which relates to achieving peace, it is called, “The Proud Dung Beetle and the Lump of Dung. ” It proves that everyone should be treated equally. It is shown throughout Buddhism that the Buddha, I. E. The prince didn’t expect to be treated differently he wanted to be treated the same way as others. This bought to their community respect and no social class that seems to be a problem in modern day society.
All in all I believe a mutual friendship and respect towards everyone especially people of a different religion. Respect is the key component in establishing peace between all people. If everyone of opposing religions can respect others beliefs and worldviews I believe that a peaceful solution can be formed within the community. I speak to the Muslims now in saying that you don’t have to be apart of the violence in your religion, please feel free to make your own decisions and maybe Join a peace

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Peace between Major Religions
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