Design a robust patch management plan for a new startup that will use primarily Windows workstations and Linux servers in its day-to-day operations.Instructions: DESIGN A POWERPOINT PRESENTATION THAT OUTLINES THE PATCH MANAGEMENT PROCESS (I WILL ATTACH MATERIAL TO ASSIST) Submit a PowerPoint presentation that outlines the patch management process and identifies who will own and carry out patch management procedures and tasks. You can include images to explain information as well in the slide. I need at least a minimum of 15 slides. I just need enough slides to communicate all of the Patch Management process. All slides don’t have to be overwhelmed with text. But try to at least use the 1300 words of text which are requested in this order. The slides don’t need to be completely full of text. But all slides have to have text within each slide. Please reference and cite all sources. Please be sure to also follow all directions very closely. TIP: If you are recommending patch management automation software, you must discuss why the software is superior to other solutions with similar functionality.

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