Padlet wall

Waking Up, Inc., is looking for a way to meet virtually in order to minimize the number of face-to-face meetings that seem to bog the team down on a weekly basis. Your job is to decide which of the following resources is best suited for conducting small group meetings in a virtual environment. You will present your findings using by sending the URL of your completed wall to your instructor through the Rio Salado scoring tool. This is an opportunity to put your newly learned skills to practice, be creative, and help Waking Up, Inc.!
Assignment Requirements 
1. Select two options from the following list of online media resources that people use to “meet” in groups and communicate. 
· Facebook
· Skype
· YouTube
· Twitter
· LinkedIn
· LiveJournal
· Second Life
2. Use the five steps of reflective thinking to select the media resource that is the best option for Waking Up, Inc. to adopt for virtual meetings and communicate in a virtual environment.
3. Go to and create a wall to demonstrate your problem-solving process and selection. is a free resource to create a wall to showcase your research and selection. When you are on a Padlet wall, it is like a blank piece of paper for your computer. You can post text, add multimedia, edit, and share your wall posts. There is also a function to moderate posts if more than one person accesses your wall. On your wall include at least six textboxes to introduce yourself and demonstrate how you used each step in reflective thinking. View this instructor example 
4. When you have completed your wall, submit your wall URL to the instructor.

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