Overview This document gives an overview of what is expected

RIT4801 – Assignment 1 2015Literature Review Instructions1 OverviewThis document gives an overview of what is expected of you in terms of the format for the literaturereview in the first assignment. Follow this as a guide to help you structure your thoughts andarguments.2 Literature Review StructureRemember that your audience does not necessarily have your expertise on the topic. Write in aformal academic communication style but try and keep your sentences short and to the point. IfEnglish is not your native language then it is highly advisable that you ask someone to read yourpaper before you submit it for evaluation. Make use of the Harvard style to format your referencesand citations (please make use of RefWorks (http://www.refworks.com/) to manage yourreferences).2.1 IntroductionIntroduce your research topic in this section of the paper. Do not exceed half a page of the totaldocument.2.2 Overview of research topicIn this section you can give more detail about the topic that you intent to research. This is to provideyour reader with an overview of what the topic is all about and should not be very long.2.3 Discussion of Main Concepts and IssuesThis section is the most important section of the document and will take up most of the “paper”space. Here you must discuss the concepts that you found in the literature as well is their relation toother concepts. The style of writing is much the same as telling the “story” of your research from theperspective of what is written in the literature.2.4 Research ProblemThis is a focussed section where you will indicate what the specific problem is that you’ve identifiedfrom the literature. What is needed is evidence in support of the “realness” of your problem. Be veryaware of the difference between a problem and a solution, do not state any kind of solution hereonly the problem. What would be very helpful is ending section with the phrase: “the researchproblem identified in this paper is….”. Never allow the reader to guess or interpret what you thinkthe problem is, be explicit and specific2.5 Research questions and objectivesThis section follows from the previous section by showing the questions that will determine thescope of your research project. Be careful to ask a research question. Do not list survey stylequestions or any question that is designed to gather data. You must also show how the researchquestions link to the problem and in what way the answers to your questions will address theresearch problem. To give more clarity you can also show the research objectives and how they1RIT4801 – Assignment 1 2015relate to your questions. Keep in in mid that you are proposing a research project that must becompleted in the space of 10 months.2.6 ConclusionIn this section you conclude your document. No more than half a page.2.7 Terms and definitionsList and give brief definition of your terminology.2.8 ReferencesList only the papers that you have cited in the document. You will always read more that you cite. Donot put anything here that has not been cited in the document. Remember to use the Harvardsystem for formatting your references. (see here for an explanation:http://www2.lib.uct.ac.za/infolit/bibharvard.htm)3 Plagiarism and Content SimilarityYour technical report will be submitted for a plagiarism and similarity check on the TurnItIn(http://www.turnitin.com) originality checking service. The purpose of this step is to ensure that youpresent your thoughts as your thoughts as they develop throughout the academic year. Although itis difficult to directly measure any form of plagiarism, it is generally accepted that work copieddirectly from a source is regarded as a form of plagiarism. To avoid this problem in your writing youneed to adhere to at least two important principles:1. Always state your understanding in your own words, avoid direct copying from a source atall costs, even if you provide a citation2. Avoid any form of direct quoting from a sourceIn the event that the TurnItIn service indicates a high similarity score, you will be penalized by thesubtracting of marks on a sliding scale as follows:Similarity range25% – 35%36% – 49%50% – 75%Penalty20% will be deducted from your final mark35% will be deducted from your final markThe value of your similarity score will bededucted from your total markDisciplinary steps will be takenAbove 75%To facilitate transparency your similarity report will be attached to your evaluated assignment. Incases where your similarity score exceeds your assigned marks you will be awarded a final mark of5%.2RIT4801 – Assignment 1 20154 ChecklistFollow the following checklist to ensure that you are on track with your literature review:AspectIntroductionOverview of research topicConcept discussionResearch problemResearch questions andobjectivesCitation and ReferenceLanguageArgument and flowPlagiarism and SimilarityDescriptionDid you introduce your research topic in such a way that a nonexpert can understand?Is the introduction more than half a page?Did you clearly identify your research topic?Did you follow a structured literature review method?Are you clear on what the concepts are and how they relate to theresearch topic?Did you give detailed discussion on the meaning of each conceptand it relevance to your research topic?Is your research problem stated concisely and in an unambiguousmanner?Did you provide evidence in support of your problem?Did you list at least 1 research question?Did you show how the research question/s will address theresearch problem?Did you use Harvard referencing style correctly in both your in-textcitations as well as your reference list?Did you make any spelling errors?Did you make any grammar errors?Is your paper written in clear simple English?Does your argument flow from one point to another?Did you present ideas of other authors as your own?Did you copy and paste form your cited sources?3RIT4801 – Assignment 1 20155 EvaluationYou are evaluated both in terms of content and structure. The content of the assignment relates tothe specific aspects of your chosen topic whilst the structure relates to how the document isstructured and how well it reads. We will be using the following rubric in this evaluation:Title, topic and structureThe author identifies the research topic in unambiguous termsUnacceptable (1)Below Expectations (2)3Meet Expectations (3)The author identifies the key concepts of the research topicUnacceptable (1)Below Expectations (2)3Meet Expectations (3)The author provides a list of formal definitions for technical terms related to the researchtopicUnacceptable (1)Below Expectations (2)3Meet Expectations (3)The author wrote the assignment in an academic styleUnacceptable (1)Below Expectations (2)3Meet Expectations (3)Literature reviewThe author bases the LR on an identifiable LR method, for example author based, conceptbased etc. structureUnacceptable (1)Below Expectations (2)3Meet Expectations (3)The author discusses the key concepts of the research topic in an unambiguous mannerUnacceptable (1-5)Below Expectations (6-10)Meet Expectations (11-15)Above Expectations (16 – 20)20Research Problem and questionThe author states a topical research problem in an unambiguous mannerUnacceptable (1)Below Expectations (2)3Meet Expectations (3)The author provides supportive evidence for the topical research problemUnacceptable (1)Meet Expectations (3)3Meet Expectations (3)Below Expectations (2)3The author lists specific research questionsUnacceptable (1)Below Expectations (2)References and citationsThe author provided a reference list off all cited references in the Harvard citation styleUnacceptable (1)Below Expectations (2)3Meet Expectations (3)The author correctly used the Harvard citations style for in-text citationsUnacceptable (1)Below Expectations (2)Total50Plagiarism and similarity penalty25% – 35% (-20%)3Meet Expectations (3)36% – 49% (-35%)Final Mark450% – 75% (value of your score)RIT4801 – Assignment 1 20156 Appendix A – guidelinesMake use of the following guidelines to write your literature review. A copy of the assignment frontpage will be loaded under the additional resources section of myunisa.6.1 Style guide:AspectNotesUse supplied front pageInclude up to level 3 of the style you useA4Times New Roman (or other machine readablefont)Follow the build in NORMAL style for headingsand subheadings.Do not make paragraph font sizes more than 10points1.5Use only where needed and makes senseDo not use decorative stylesSave and submit as PDFFront pageTable of contentsPage sizeFontFont sizeLine spaceDiagramsTablesFile formatPlease do not “decorate” your report by adding unnecessary images and colour as it makes thedocument too large to load onto the system. Also do not submit more than one file for evaluationsince the onscreen marking system can only manage one file at a time. Please submit yourassignment in Microsoft Word format and make sure that it is not password protected or a scannedcopy of your assignment.6.2 Proposed structure:Front matterUse front page as supplied, include a table ofcontentsNo more than half a pageBrief and concise, no more than half a pageThis is the longest part of the assignment; try notto exceed 5000 words. Structure this section tofacilitate the flow of your argumentBrief and concise, no more than a paragraph,ideally start your problem statement with thephrase “the research problem identified for thisstudy is….”Brief and concise, no more than a paragraphNo more than half a pageList and give the technical definitions of yourtermsAt end of document in Harvard styleIntroductionOverview of your research topicDiscussion of Main Concepts and IssuesResearch problemResearch questions and objectivesConclusionTerms and DefinitionsReference List5

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