Outsourcing in Modern Organisations

Assessment 2 – IRP-B Assessment type: Brief report Weight: 30% Length: 1,000 words. Instructions In this assessment, prepare a brief report (1,000 words) on your project’s data collection and  analysis aspects. Your brief report must cover the following: • The data source used including its limitations (5 marks); • The empirical approach adopted (e.g., descriptive statistics, linear regression,  qualitative methods) (10 marks); • A summary of the key results (e.g., tables and charts) (10 marks); and • Potential limitations of the analysis (e.g., can the findings be generalised?) (5 marks). Additional advice and context Please ensure that your brief report is clear, concise, and well-presented (as style and  substance go hand in hand). Please note that: • The material generated for this brief report can be directly incorporated into the final  assessment; and • The inclusion of tables and charts in the brief report does not count towards the total  word limit.

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Outsourcing in Modern Organisations
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