Organizational Development Consultants

I need at least a 150-word comment on my classmate’s discussion
Organizational Development Consultants
                    Lori posted 
Professor and Classmates,
The firm that I selected for this week’s discussion question is Kaiser Associates. The link to the firm’s website is as follows:
I selected this firm/website for a few reasons. First, the Kaiser Associates website indicated that they are recognized thought-leaders, published authors, and award winning Organizational Development/Human Resources Consultants. It also indicated that they were a Vault top 20 firm. After performing some fact checking, I discovered that the firm was ranked 17th best for Human Resources Consulting. The firm was founded in 1981, which means they are a seasoned business with 36 years of experience. 
The material presented on the Kaiser website was consistent with the information contained in this week’s reading by Jeremy Lurey and Matt Griffin. Lurey and Griffin (2013) indicated that the “consultant creates an environment in which the client is always aware of what is happening when following an action research approach.” They suggested that clients should be involved in “establishing change priorities, collecting and interpreting data, analyzing and disseminating the results, creating action plans, implementation, of action plans, and evaluating results” (Lurey & Griffin, 2013). The Kaiser Associates website indicated that they work together with organization leaders to conduct needs assessments and diagnostic analyses, surface relevant best practices, design blueprints, create work plans, develop content, and manage initiatives through implementation. This practice fits Lurey and Griffin’s ideal action research requirements perfectly.
Considering all of the above, Kaiser is an excellent option for any company looking to develop their organization using an action research approach.

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