operational excellence

 1.various maturity stages and variables in middle manager best practices.
For this discussion, refer to chapter 12 from this week’s reading and select one of the stages identified, then address what takes place during this stage and the impact the stage may have.  
Response should be 300words.
 Text book:
Information Technology and Organizational Learning
ISBN: 9781138238589
Authors: Arthur M. Langer
Publisher: CRC Press
Publication Date: 2017-10-17
2. Review the section on the definitions of maturity stages and dimension variables in the CEO Technology Best Practices Arc. Define each of the maturity stages and performance dimensions.  What are the key concepts from each section? 
The above submission should be one page in length and adhere to APA formatting standards.
**Remember the APA cover page and the references (if required) do not count towards the page length**

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operational excellence
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