Oedipus and the power of fate

I want my paper to be about how even though we do have free will we can never escape our faith. Basically free will and fate can coexist. Instruction from the professor: This assignment is the foundation of your final paper. From the list of essay topics provided, you will present a proposal for your final research paper that includes a thesis statement (argument), and a list of 4 – 5 research source citations that you will use as evidence to support your argument. Each citation will be properly annotated in MLA format*, and will contain a brief summary of each article used (no more than 2 sentences), and a careful explanation of how each resource supports your position, along with how you will use it in your paper. Extra info she gave me: The Greeks believed in many gods, including the 3 Fates. They believed that your fate was assigned before your birth, and you had no choice but to follow it. Oedipus tries to change his fate but is not successful. That is a topic, and you would then have to develop this into an argument. Consider the following questions: What is the result of Oedipus trying to refuse his fate (to kill his father and marry his mother)?; if our fate is predestined, do we have free will at all? what are the ramifications of such a way of organizing society?

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Oedipus and the power of fate
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