nursing journal entry

The theory used is attached just add to it • Select and describe a nursing theory that was used to guide your practice.• What goals and objectives were used for your Practicum Experience in this course? When developing your goals and objectives, were the seven domains of practice in mindNursing theory: Theory of human caring Practicum experience: changes in geriatrics and the likelihood of occurrence of diseases. The theory of human caring by Jean Watson is the theory that will be used in this practicum experience seeking to unravel how changes in geriatrics increase the likelihood of occurrence of disease (Yelon et al., 2014). Caring science helps people embrace positive energy that integrates the mind, body, and spirit and mutually rewards to both patients and caregivers. The theory emphasizes that caring for ourselves helps us care for others, and self-healing is vital in replenishing the spiritual bank and rejuvenating energies (Sitzman & Watson, 2018). Given that the elderly need care that integrates their mind-body, and spirit, the theory of human caring is best in addressing the health concerns of geriatric patients.

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