nursing- case study

Post an explanation of the primary diagnosis, as well as 3 differential diagnoses, for the patient in the case study that you selected or were assigned. Describe the role of the patient history and physical exam played in the diagnosis. Then, suggest potential treatment options based on your patient diagnosis. Prepare:• You will either select or be assigned one of the three case studies provided.• Reflect on the provided patient information including history and physical exams.• Think about a differential diagnosis. Consider the role the patient history and physical exam played in your diagnosis.• Reflect on potential treatment options based on your diagnosis. A 50-year-old African American male presents with complaints of dizziness left arm weakness and fatigue. PMH: poorly controlled diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemiaPE: Upon exam, you noted a very mild dysarthria, he understands and follows commands very well. Mild weakness on the left side of the face is noted, and left sided homonymous hemianopsia but no ptosis or nystagmus or uvula deviation. Primary diagnosis ischemic stroke, differential diagnosis 1. Hemorrhagic stroke 2. Seizure 3. Brain lesion References must be within last 5 years.

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