Cultural Presentation  Chinese Culture
Objective: Students will model clinical judgment in the provision of collaborative patient-centered care to culturally diverse patients including age, religion, ethnicity, economics, and gender in a variety of health care settings.
Assignment: Students will build a cultural presentation that covers the topics listed below. Student can be creative in their presentation, as long as the presentation is in a format that can be uploaded into Blackboard. You can use whatever platform of your choosing to build your presentation. You can make an informational flyer, pamphlet, Powerpoint or Prezi, etc. Just make sure you cover each topic as thoroughly as possible.
When building your presentation, keep in mind you are training to be a member of the healthcare team. Your information should relate to caring for this patient holistically. How as a nurse can you best serve them while under your care? This question should be the driving thought throughout your presentation.
Please refer back to your clinical schedule for the date that you will be presenting your presentation to the class. At the latest, your completed assignment must be uploaded into the appropriate Blackboard link the day before you present BEFORE 2359. Example: If you present on Tuesday, 8/24, you must submit your presentation into Blackboard by Monday, 8/23 before 2359.
Grading Rubric

Define and describe the culture assigned

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What is the typical dress for the culture assigned?

What are common beliefs of this culture?

What are common behaviors of this culture?

What are common religious practices or popular religious beliefs of this culture?

What are beliefs related to modern/western medicine or traditional healers of this culture?

What are beliefs related to education of this culture?

Professionalism: did the student create a well thought out presentation free of
grammatical errors? Was the student professional, respectful and engaging during their presentation?

Cultural knowledge: did the student demonstrate appropriate time and knowledge related to the culture assigned to convey a message to classmates.

Resources: did student submit a list of resources, in APA format, that demonstrates where the information came from?




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