NURS6521 Week 7 Quiz Latest (Graded)/NURS6521 Week 7 Quiz Latest (Graded)

Question 1
A patient has GERD and is taking ranitidine (Zantac). She continues to have gastric discomfort and asks whether she can take an antacid. Which of the following is an appropriate response by the nurse?
A) “Sure, you may take an antacid with ranitidine.”
B) “No, the two drugs will work against each other.”
C) “Yes, but be sure to wait at least 2 hours to take the antacid after you take the ranitidine.”
D) “I wouldn’t advise it. You may experience severe constipation.”
Question 2
A patient is taking cholestyramine. The nurse will assess for which of the following common adverse effects of the drug?
A) Abdominal pain
B) Headache
C) Constipation
D) Indigestion
Question 3
A patient on 5-FU calls the clinic and reports that he has between five and seven loose bowel movements daily. The nurse will instruct the patient to
A) treat the diarrhea with OTC medications.
B) avoid protein-rich foods.
C) avoid grapefruit and grapefruit juice.
D) notify the clinic if the stools are black or if there is evidence of blood.

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NURS6521 Week 7 Quiz Latest (Graded)/NURS6521 Week 7 Quiz Latest (Graded)
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