NURS6521 Week 4 Quiz Latest (Graded)/NURS6521 Week 4 Quiz Latest (Graded)

Question 1
A patient is in the clinic for seasonal allergic rhinitis. Loratadine (Claritin) is prescribed. Which of the following statements will the nurse include when providing patient education concerning this drug?
A) “Be sure to take this medication on a full stomach.”
B) “Determine if the drug is going to make you drowsy before you drive.”
C) “You should take the medication twice a day.”
D) “This drug has to be taken every 4 to 6 hours.”
Question 2
After a recent history of shortness of breath that has become increasingly severe, a woman has been prescribed ipratropium by MDI while she undergoes a diagnostic workup. What patient teaching should the nurse provide to this patient?
A) “Make sure that you take this at the scheduled times, regardless of whether you feel short of breath.”
B) “Most people find that ipratropium cures their lung disease within a few months.”
C) “You should think of this as an ‘emergency drug’, and it should only be used when you experience symptoms.”
D) “It’s important that you perform deep breathing exercises before and after taking ipratropium.”
Question 3
A female patient, age 36, is prescribed inhaled corticosteroid (ICS) for daily use. Which of the following adverse effects should the nurse closely monitor for in this patient?

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NURS6521 Week 4 Quiz Latest (Graded)/NURS6521 Week 4 Quiz Latest (Graded)
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