NURS6501 Week 9 Quiz latest/NURS6501 Week 9 Quiz latest

Question 1
A patient wants to know what can cause ACTH to be released.How should the nurse respond?
a. High serum levels of cortisol
b. Hypotension
c. Hypoglycemia
d. Stress
Question 2
A student asks the instructor which of the following is the most potent naturally occurring glucocorticoid. How should the instructor respond?
a. Aldosterone
b. Testosterone
c. Cortisol
d. Prolactin
Question 3
A patient has researched lipid-soluble hormones on the Internet. Which information indicates the patient has a good understanding? Lipid-soluble hormone receptors cross the plasma membrane  

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NURS6501 Week 9 Quiz latest/NURS6501 Week 9 Quiz latest
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