NURS4325 Knowledge Check #1 Latest/NURS4325 Knowledge Check #1 Latest

1. A nursing research student is evaluating a research framework that is explicitly started in a research article. All of these statements describe the purpose of a research framework EXCEPT:
it is tested within the study.
it links the findings of the study back to nursing’s body of knowledge.
to guide the selection of the inferential statistics.
to guide the development of a study.
2. The concept of causality would be important in which of the following research designs?
Time dimensional
3. Which of the following types of studies is considered a qualitative study?
4. A friend asks you to explain the difference between a conceptual definition and an operational definition of anxiety. You help her to understand these concepts by providing her with the following operational definition of anxiety.

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NURS4325 Knowledge Check #1 Latest/NURS4325 Knowledge Check #1 Latest
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