NUR3045 Module 1 Quiz (Chapter 3) Latest/NUR3045 Module 1 Quiz (Chapter 3) Latest

Question 1 Statistics for 2008 to 2009 indicated that 20.7% of children lived in poverty. What health implications can be drawn from this statistic?
Select all that apply.
1. These children run a higher risk of poor overall health status.
2. Public health clinics can provide preventive care.
3. Medicaid assistance can enable these children to receive health care.
4. Increased funding for children’s health has resulted from these statistics.
Question 2 Which criterion limits access to health care?
1. No public transportation
2. Employment opportunities
3. Transition programs for newly arrived legal residents
4. Advocacy groups for immigrants
Question 3 A patient in the Emergency Department is concerned about the cost of treatment because of no financial income. What areas would the nurse include when assessing this patient?
Select all that apply.
1. Preventive care
2. Nutritional status
3. Number of accidents
4. Shelter

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NUR3045 Module 1 Quiz (Chapter 3) Latest/NUR3045 Module 1 Quiz (Chapter 3) Latest
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